Bookmaking 101 with the Denver Craft Ninjas

An aside: I’ll be teaching a class on basic bookbinding to the Denver Craft Ninjas on the 21st of February.

Here’s the description:

Bookmaking 101: Pamphlet Stitch and Toy Books 

We’ll be learning pamphlet stitch (a basic binding stitch) and how to lay out a toy book. Each participant will make three books (a mini-photo album, a pocket notebook, and a toy book). These basic skills can be developed for other projects like scrap-booking, ‘zine production, and gift books. Please bring $6.00 to cover the cost of materials. RSVP is required.

I’ll also be showing a few nineteenth-century pamphlets and toy books from my collection. I’m super excited to be one of the select few gentleman scholars who have been invited to visit the Ninjas.

The Craft Ninjas are an awesome group of women committed to sharing skills, knowledge, good food, and good company. Visit their blog to check out previous events, and follow them on Facebook for info on this or other upcoming events.


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