Paste Papers & Pamphlet Binding

I’m teaching a two-part class in February and March for the Denver Craft Ninja’s on Paste Papers and Pamphlet Binding. I’m excited to bring 500-year old technologies to 21st century crafters.

Paste paper has been used for book covers and end papers since at least the 16th century. There are a number of variations on the paste recipe, we’ll be using the basic recipe in Jennifer Woods’s How To Make Paste Papers from the Library Company of Philadelphia.

In the second part of the class, we’ll take the paste papers we made in February and turn them into hand-made books. We’ll learn a basic book-binding stitch and brainstorm ideas for other projects based on the technologies we’ve learned.

Here’s a link to RSVP for the class. The class is $20 for both sections, or $12 for each individual section. Enrollment is capped at 20.


Jennifer Woods. How to Make Paste Papers. (Philadelphia: Library Company of Philadelphia, 2005)
Rosamund Loring. Marbled and Paste Papers: Rosamund Loring’s Recipe Book. (Cambridge, Mass.: Houghton Library, 2007)


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