Research & Destroy – Appendix 1

There’s a lot of stuff that I come across that relates to this blog, but that I either can’t commit to writing a whole post about, or that just catches my eye as I’m cruising through blogs and such (ooooh, shiny!). I always intend to eventually share them on the blog or write some commentary about them, and inevitably when I get to it, I’ve forgotten where I found the original item, it’s no longer timely, or I’m just not as inspired by it as I was when I first discovered it.

So, to catch some of the desiderata of my browsing, I’ve made a tumblr: Research & Destroy – Appendix 1

Here you’ll find links to articles, images, and videos that relate, often only tangentially, to the issues I’m exploring (much more slowly) here.  Enjoy!


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