Heavy Rotation 2013

My frequent listening for the past year in no particular order (one or two of these are from 2012 but didn’t hook me until this year).

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Librarians in pop culture

Working in a library has me thinking about my favorite librarians in pop culture. Interestingly, they’re mostly women, which is true of the profession at large, though that’s changing slowly.

Here’s a sampling of my best loved librarians, and library-centered stories, music, and films:

1. Parker Posey as Mary in Party Girl

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Helena Beat

Another music video featuring child violence. In the last video I posted on tumblr, the violence was play violence that had been re-imagined using animated gore. Here, the kids are kicking grown up butt. In a steampunky fantasy twist, the beleaguered adult is transformed into a child at the end of the video. Beyond noting that there seems to be a recurring interest in kids play violence dramatized in music videos (check out The Limousines’ “Internet Killed the Video Star” for a zombie apocalypse twist on the theme), I don’t have much to say about this, but it might be worth exploring further in terms of mediation and adult fantasies of childhood.

Dirty Pop

French pop outfit The Teenagers’ scathing single “Homecoming,” with its nostalgia saturated teen flick video by hipster auteur Kinga Burza (click for the video at gbh.tv), is perhaps the most provocative of recent songs to portray adolescent sexuality. The twenty-something musicians tell the story of a European teen visitor who has a nasty fling with his California step cousin. Continue reading “Dirty Pop”