New CLIR Report: The Problem of Data

The Problem of DataSome of my recent research is featured in a new Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR) report, The Problem of Data. The two-part report features an anthropological study of data curation professionals conducted by my colleagues Andrew Asher (Bucknell) and Lori Jahnke (Emory).

My portion of the report is a snapshot of data curation education as it exists in the LIS field:

Spencer D. C. Keralis, director of the Digital Scholarship Co-Operative at the University of North Texas and former CLIR postdoctoral fellow, provides a snapshot of the current state of data curation education. He finds that while LIS and iSchool programs are making efforts to develop data curation curricula “much work still needs to be done to prepare LIS graduates for roles as data professionals in and out of libraries.” He adds that “the LIS world largely remains a closed circuit, providing concentrations within tracks restricted to LIS enrollees.” Keralis notes that the trend in emerging curriculum development programs is to open up this closed circuit and allow post-baccalaureate students and professionals to take courses in data curation.

I hope the report generates some conversation about this important trans-disciplinary practice in and out of LIS programs.

You can find more information and download the report here.