Where the Wild Things Are – Adaptation and Representation

The New York Times Magazine has a wonderful article on Spike Jonez’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. For fans of the book, the thought that the studio was afraid the adaptation was “too weird and scary” is nothing but good news, and it sounds like Sendak is behind both Jonze and the adaptation all the way. Continue reading “Where the Wild Things Are – Adaptation and Representation”


Where The Wild Things Are – Trailer

Had to share this, too. Obviously because of my affection for the story, I’m a tad anxious about a film adaptation, but I got a tear watching the trailer before Half-Blood Prince. The kid they got to play Max is very Sendak. And yes, that is Arcade Fire playing during the trailer, so they’re going for indy-hipster cred to draw in all the grown-up wild things out there.